There’s an ongoing campaign by many people who make their living from IP and photography. What started off as a very noble cause – to allow non-profit organisations to benefit from old archives and allow social distibution of work where the creator could not be traced, as been hijacked by a collection of corporate bodies keen to make a large amount of money from the archives they hold on behalf of others. You c an read the full story about Stop 43 here and also about a leaked letter voicing Getty concerns over on Jeremy Nicholl’s blog here
It’s clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense the consequences of Clause 43 and indeed, many MP’s are calling for it to be changed. Yet amazingly, many appear to have a poor understanding of what’s about to happen, not just to people’s livelihoods, but also the huge barrage of litigation that will follow from ouside of the UK… Perhaps the virals flying around Twitter and the internet right now might help highlight the issue!


There’s been tumbleweed blowing through this website this last few months and I’ve only myself to blame. with other things taking priority, it’s been sadly neglected, but now that Easter is upon us, I’ll haver more time to write.
The blog will be all about my thoughts and personal opinions, plus that of others I happen to find on the internet.

This is the WordPress hosted blog for Neill Watson. I’m a professional photographer / writer / website designer based in the UK

This blog is mainly here as the anchor for my WordPress account, so you’ll not find as much information about me here as at my other sites, more of which later.

For now, I’m going to find a theme I like for this and add some more pages showing my main websites, how I work and how you can get in touch with me to discuss your projects / talk about cars / shoot photography / ¬†solve the worlds problems…